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May 8, 2019

Micro-Resilience: Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive, and Energy

For everyday situations that can drain our daily energy and make us lose focus, Micro-Resilience offers quick and easy ways to help us cope: Learn how to Refocus Your Brain, Reset Your Primitive Alarms, Reframe Your Attitude, Refresh Your Body, and Renew Your Spirit!

Bonnie St. John explains how in her book

Apr 8, 2019

The Culture Engine by S. Chris Edmonds

In this episode, S. Chris Edmonds discusses the key points of his book The Culture Engine: A Framework for Driving Results, Inspiring Your Employees, and Transforming Your Workplace.

S. Chris Edmonds has a delightfully simple explanation of culture: “Culture is all about how people treat each other—how leaders...

Mar 4, 2019

Build an "A" Team with Whitney Johnson - Blanchard Leaderchat Podcast

In this episode, Whitney Johnson discusses the secrets to creating an engaged and productive team as outlined in her book, Build an A-Team: Play to Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve.

Johnson shares seven ways managers can support their team members’ journey up the curve.

  1. Take the right kind of...

Feb 4, 2019

The importance of Self-Awareness with Tasha Eurich

In this episode, Tasha Eurich describes concepts from her book Insight: The Surprising Truth About How Others See Us, How We See Ourselves, and Why the Answers Matter More Thank We Think. Eurich explains how developing self-awareness—knowing who we are and how others see us—can help you be fulfilled, confident, and...

Jan 7, 2019

How to Lead with Emotional Courage with Peter Bregman

In this exciting episode, Peter Bregman shares his thoughts about leadership and the importance of showing up with confidence, being connected to others, and being committed to a purpose in a way that inspires others to follow. He explains that the most successful leaders not only know what to say and do, but are...