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Welcome to the Blanchard Leaderchat podcast

Hosted by Chad Gordon


With a focus on leadership, personal growth, developing others and management this podcast is devoted to helping you be your very best by keeping up with current trends in self-development, leadership, and business. The Blanchard LeaderChat Podcast provides the perfect way for you to stay up-to-date on the latest ideas, insights, and innovations that impact you and your growth. Each episode features an expert sharing their ideas about helping people become the best leaders they can be. So, subscribe today, listen at your convenience, and keep checking back for new episodes. You’ll be inspired by what you hear.

May 15, 2023

Hear Scott Blanchard, President of Blanchard®, share information about the recent rebrand of the company. He talks about the new tagline—The Heart of Human Achievement™, and the vision of the company—Leaders Powered for Good. He explains how Blanchard will continue to serve a diverse set of organizations with...

May 1, 2023

In this episode hear Ozan Varol explain how being genius isn’t for a special few. It can be cultivated. Sharing information from his new book, Awaken Your Genius: Escape Conformity, Ignite Creativity, and Become Extraordinary, he encourages you to discard what no longer serves you and discover the qualities that make...